Our Story

Chatfield High School’s yearbook room is where we met. Yup, that’s right, we’re high school sweethearts. We were nerdy yearbook editors (in chief) who went to prom together and the whole bit!

After high school we went our separate ways; I headed to CSU in Fort Collins to study journalism/public relations and Kevin to CU Boulder to earn an English degree. Despite our university rivalry, which normally indicates we should be mortal enemies, we in fact remained good buddies. I suppose our affinity for penguins, good Chinese food (and wisdom-filled fortune cookies), cheesy movies, and love for reading a book on the beach runs deep because after our respective graduations we reconnected and have been together ever since.

These days we are both in graduate school at our respective Ram and Buff University of choice. Kevin is wrapping up a JD/MBA degree from CU and expects to graduate in December 2013.  I’m in my final semester of earning my MBA from CSU’s College of Business, and have my sight set on May 15 for graduation.  We have spent way too many date nights studying at CU’s Law Library (which as a Ram, I have to admit, the Wolf Law Library is an excellent place to study).

What’s Next for K&K?

Well, we don’t exactly know just yet. Kevin has conceded to make the move north to Fort Collins while he finishes school and studies for the bar. He grumbles — as a Buff is wont to do — but really, we both love Fort Collins and are excited to start our marriage in such a terrific town. (I don’t think FoCo’s renowned microbreweries hurt the cause either!) I love my job at CSU and couldn’t be happier to continue tweeting and Facebooking for the Rams. We look forward to the adventures in store for us and sharing them with our amazing friends and family. Who knows, we may also add a furry one to our K&K crew.

The Proposal

For those of you who haven’t heard the story, Kevin popped the question on one knee in the middle of a corn maze! It was adorable. He did a great job of doing lots of behind-the-scenes scheming to make it happen.

Thank You            

We are so grateful for the love and support from our families. We are blessed to be raised in such loving homes. Thank you for helping shape the individuals we are today. We love you!

Thank you to our bridal party for your friendship! You all are amazing and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. We so greatly appreciate the time and energy you are spending on helping plan our wedding. Finally, a big thank you to our friend Connie Schimmels who is helping us with everything wedding!

Thanks everyone!